Watch: Isla Presidencial

What would happen if you put all the Latin American leaders on-board a ship which subsequently crashed into an island resulting in a castaway situation involving some of the world’s most well-renowned bull-shitters and opportunists? I bet that thought has never crossed your mind, but if it has you might enjoy the Youtube short-series Isla Presidencial.

 The series has been going since 2010, killing off presidents as they are voted out of office or, um, dying of cancer and satirises the tenacious personalities of the leaders and the infamously cold relationships between many of them. It’s quick to watch, relatively easy to understand for intermediate speakers and, although often unsubtle, has a bizarre charm to it.

Moments include Evo Morales ‘roofieing’ his fellow castaways, Hugo Chavez driving the other presidents mad with nonsensical ramblings, an incessantly horny Daniel Ortega narrating a football match with King Juan Carlos and a coconut-juggling Kristina Fernandez. I told you it was weird.

 The series is made by Venezuelan (I believe!) satirical website ‘El Chigüire Bipolar’ and a lot of their written stuff is pretty great too. Headlines include ‘Venezuela democratically decides to stay in the third world’, ‘Only Venezuelan who has not been assaulted realises he is not real’ and ‘international community asks that Syria makes it’s massacres a little easier to ignore’. All good, satirical fun!


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