This self-indulging blog attempts to highlight some carefully selected issues and themes in the Americas, but I can’t write nearly as much as I would like to. Below I have selected a few websites and blogs I recommend you look at to learn more about what is going on in Latin America. 

Latin American News:

BBC Mundo – an obvious place to start for Brits, BBC Mundo updates readers on the bigger stories within Latin America. With more narrative than the English BBC website, the site has a fine selection of writers.

CCN Espanol – Not great for articles, but it does supply plenty of videos so you can practice your Spanish listening and get a great insight into issues affecting Latinos living in the US.

teleSUR – the famously left-wing, Bolivarian Venezuelan TV network does actually have some interesting news pieces and offers a better insight into countries individual issues and politics in a way BBC and CNN do not.

Latin America: Current Events and News – website picking up news bulletins from across the world. They are mainly to do with murders, drugs and crime, but they do supply a good idea on what stories the Western press picks up on.

PulsaAmerica – “the impartial Latin American news link”. About sums up this site dealing with selected news stories.

Latin American Blogs:

LAB – supplies plenty of interesting news stories, but it’s selection of blogs is intriguing. Particuarly interesting is the Social Movements blog (when they decide to update that is)

The Latin Americanist – particularly good is their daily updates complete with links and videos covering the biggest stories of the region. Also covers a good amount of Latin American sport and culture.

Upside Down World – run by experts, this offers articles “covering activism and politics in Latin America”

Huffington Post Latino Voice – this US-centric site gives you a selection of articles which, generally speaking, focus on the larger stories in the Americas, but also immigration news to America and – sigh – Latino American celebrities.

More links to follow. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me. 


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